1. Alerts

    Get immediate announcements for important information such as warnings of natural disasters sent to your phone through email or text message.

  2. Bike Share

    Take quick, short trips around greater Downtown using the green Link bikes.

  3. Building Inspection

    The Division of Building Inspection is primarily responsible for the enforcement of commercial and residential building construction codes.

  4. Building Permit Status

    Learn who can apply for a permit online, read our payment disclaimer, and view our one stop center for our applications and permits.

  5. Buses and Transit

    Get around the city using the green buses of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

  6. Calendar of Events

    Find upcoming community and department events to participate in.

  7. City Employment

    One of the purposes of the Civil Service Board is to comply with Section 96 of the Dayton City Charter providing for appointment and employment in all positions in the classified service of City employment.

  8. Community Access Television

    DATV gives Dayton residents a voice through public access television programming.

  9. Community News

    Stay up-to-date on current organizational news and announcements.

  10. Community Voice

    Interact with your government and with other citizens by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and participating in conversations around community proposals.

  11. Conflict Management

    The Dayton Mediation Center helps community members resolve conflict and build constructive communication methods.

  12. Dayton Public Schools

    Visit the DPS website to learn about Dayton's school system.

  13. Dogs

  14. Facilities & Shelters

    View available parks, facilities, and their amenities.

  15. Fitness & Recreation

    Our Department of Recreation & Youth Services offers programs, facilities and events to meet your fitness goals or just have fun!

  16. Illegal Dumping

    At the City of Dayton, we view illegal dumping as an inexcusable crime that pollutes our land and violates the rights of others.

  17. Laws & Ordinances

    All of Dayton's laws and legal language in a searchable format.

  18. Libraries

    Visit your nearest Dayton Metro Library to explore all it has to offer!

  19. Neighborhood Resources

    Just type in your address and discover city services near you! Waste collection, police and fire stations, neighborhood associations, parks and a whole lot more.

  20. Neighborhood Grants

    The City has three opportunities for neighborhood groups to receive financial support for special projects.

  21. Neighborhood Leadership Institute

    Become a community leader! Apply for our 12-week training course and discover all the City has and does.

  22. News & Social Media

    Discover the latest happening with Dayton’s city government and community! Sign up for emails, explore our archives and connect with us online to stay in the loop.

  23. Police

    Meet the men and women who keep the Dayton community safe.

  24. Public Records Requests

    Make a public information (FOIA) request for a public record.

  25. Recycling

    If you live in the city of Dayton, it's free and easy to recycle at home!

  26. Report a Problem / Request

    Dayton Delivers is the City of Dayton's customer services program, featuring an online app, call centers and a wide variety of activities occurring in neighborhoods and locations throughout the community.

  27. Surplus Land Sales

    Buy City-owned land for a project.

  28. Tax Forms & Information

    Find a list of information you need to have in order to use our E-Payment site or zero withholding site, view a list of taxable and non-taxable income, and view the individual and joint filers and business filers.

  29. Waste Collection

    The Division of Waste Collection is working for you by providing services to keep our community clean and litter-free!

  30. Water Bill

    Visit the welcome to the City of Dayton's water / utility billing and payment services.

  31. Water Meters & Rates

    Visit the City of Dayton Water One Source website for information on customer service, business, construction, water quality, education, and sustainability.

  32. Yard Standards

    Keep your property up to code by abiding by these 12 standards.