Electric Power Aggregation

Dayton residents and small businesses will be able to enjoy savings on electric power use when an electric power aggregation plan is implemented.

About the Plan

Electric power aggregation, as allowed by Ohio law, permits a municipality to shop for and offer favorable group power rates for residents. Voters approved a proposal to allow the City of Dayton to develop a power aggregation plan in November of 2013. 

A Guaranteed Savings Rate has been established with IGS Energy for the initial price term. The rate for eligible residential customers will be a 10 percent savings off Dayton Power & Light's (DP&L's) Price to Compare (PTC) for those who: 1) live within the Dayton city limits, 2) who haven't already chosen an alternative electricity supplier, and 3) who are current on their DP&L utility bill. The rate for commercial customers will be a 5 percent savings off DP&L's PTC. Eligible commercial customers must be non-mercantile commercial customers using less than 700,000 kWh annually and meet the already-listed criteria.

The subsequent years' offers (June 2017 thru May 2018 and June 2018 thru May 2019) will be consistent with a Guaranteed Savings Plan, but will be negotiated prior to each year's start. If IGS Energy and the City of Dayton cannot come to agreements on appropriate pricing plan options, the contract will be null and void and the customer accounts will be sent back to the utility.

Contact Us

Please direct inquiries to Ken Marcellus in the Department of Planning and Community Development, at 937-333-7381 or by email.

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