Crime Prevention Tips

Did you know that you can directly impact your own safety and the security of your property?

It’s true! According to the crime model published by the Department of Justice’s Center for Problem Oriented Policing, the three factors needed for a crime to take place are: an offender, a location or place, and a victim or target. If you eliminate one of the elements out of the equation, the crime should not occur. Since it is most difficult to remove the offender, your main focus should be on “hardening” the potential location or place and protecting yourself and your family.

Most violent crimes occur through opportunity, rather than careful planning. There are many ways to make yourself a less desirable target:
  1. At Home

    View some crime prevention tips that can help you keep your home secure.

  2. In a Confrontation

    Learn some things you can do if you find yourself in a confrontation.

  3. Online Identity Theft & Fraud

    Find out how you can protect yourself from fraud and identity theft online.

  4. Out & About / In the Car

    See tips for when you're out and about in the community.

  5. With Children / Pets

    See safety tips that can assist you in keeping your children and pets safe.