Use Nuisance List

What is Use Nuisance?

Dayton's Use Nuisance Abatement Program is a legal process by which a structure can be declared a nuisance by virtue of evidence of certain illegal activity.

The illegal activity consists of crimes in the following categories:
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Illegal Liquor Sales
  • Prostitution
A property can be referred into the Use Nuisance Abatement Program only by the Police, who serve legal notice on the residents or occupants of a structure upon discovery of illegal activity. The owner of the property is served with a legal notice by certified mail. An appeal may be filed by anyone served with such notice within 15 calendar days. Once an appeal is filed, a hearing is scheduled within 30 days.

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(The names that appear on this web page are names of individuals who have been served with notices of Use Nuisance and have not appealed or been granted permission to be at any of the locations indicated.)

Dayton’s Use Nuisance Abatement Program is predicated on two established RCGO ordinances, both of which have been upheld in the Montgomery County (OH) Common Pleas Court:

Sec. 152.12. - Illegal occupancy of a public nuisance.
(Ord. 28336, passed 7-24-91)

Sec. 152.12.1. - Unauthorized entry upon nuisance premises.
(Ord. 28336, passed 7-24-91)