1. Children's Water Festival

    This annual event brings together fourth-grade students from around the region to learn about the vital role water plays in our lives.

  2. Enforcement Response Plan

    This Enforcement Response Plan has been developed by the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program, and is used as a guidance when implementing enforcement actions to assure that users of the City’s wastewater facilities comply with the provisions of the City’s Sewer Use Ordinance.

  3. Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer

    Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer page. It show as link in Education tab.

  4. Guided Tours

    Here you can learn about our two tour options: water supply and water reclamation.

  5. Household Tips

    Here you can find watertight tips for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, outside and tips about disposing of grease and oil.

  6. How Water Arrives and Leaves Your Home

    Follow a water drop to your faucet, and learn who's responsible for the quality and infrastructure at each step of the way.

  7. Leaks

    Here you can find tips to help you locate leaks inside or outside your home.

  8. Source Water Protection

    Learn about the City's efforts to keep our 1.5 trillion-gallon source of groundwater safe and clean.

  9. Storm Drain Artscapes

    Local artists help the Department of Water keep our local rivers clean with colorful storm drain murals.

  10. Storm Water Management

    Find out more information about the City’s storm water management program and storm water NPDES permit.

  11. Water Meter Information

    Find out how to read your meter, metering facts, and automatic meter reading program.